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Every day, countless documents and information arrive in your company. They must be made available quickly and processed - even on the go.

Starke-DMS® can provide support in many ways: fast archiving, fast location, process automation and therefore quality assurance.

Significant increases in productivity and efficiency ensure that employing a document management system usually pays for itself within the first year.

The DMS solution is customized for each customer to optimally support the processes.

Despite the diverse array of options provided by the powerful DMS®, the focus remains on simplicity for users and administrators. Our products are user-friendly and intuitive to use; they are on par with those of their bigger competitors. 

Starke-DMS® helps you efficiently solve various tasks in your company:

  • Invoice processing from entry to booking
  • Process optimization: digitally mapping, optimizing, controlling and monitoring business processes with Starke-DMS®
  • SmartMail | Outbox digitization thanks to email interface: Send outgoing mail electronically or classically by post with Starke-DMS®
  • Document Reader: Automatically detect, read and tag invoices with Starke-DMS®
  • E-file: digitally map complete files into DMS (digital file storage), no matter where the contents come from
  • Webviewer | Mobile applications: smartphone, tablet or laptop Starke-DMS® is always on hand - even on the go
  • Email archiving | Server or client-side: archive emails on the server or integrate them in Outlook as an application with Starke-DMS®
  • Quality management: centrally manage and store up-to-date QM documents with Starke-DMS®
  • Sanctions list check: compare business contacts against current EU sanction lists with Starke-DMS®
  • ERP applications: flexible and simple interface configuration to existing systems
  • Cloud DMS: legally-compliant DMS in the cloud with Starke-DMS®
  • Process documentation | GoBD: Stay GoBD-compliant with us
  • Digital personnel file: How to optimize your HR processes
  • Digital real estate management: Optimize your claims management processes
  • Contract management: full control over all contracts - never miss a deadline again

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